colonisation of Engey island

Cultural night of Reykjavik (Menningarnótt) – august 1999
Engey is an island only in a few kilometers distance from the harbour. Today nobody lives there except sea birds. On the cultural day of Reykjavik I decided to colonize Engey. The citizens  of Reykjavik – especially the few emigrants living there – were invited on a boat trip to the island. I took the role of a guide with a megaphone. On the island we did tai-chi exercises. Afterwards people were invited into a big tent, specially mounted for the occasion. Inside the tent an accordion player playing harbour music from all over the world; people could buy beverages from different countries and enjoy dance performances. The weather got rather bad that day so it turned out to be a real adventure. Everybody got back safe.

engey2 engey3

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