A hike into two completely different worlds

3-day vehicle-assisted hike, overnight in tent, full board.

This trip takes us to the centre of Iceland. The unique Kerlingarfjöll mountain range is one of the most magnificent, and least known, geothermal areas in Iceland, surrounded by high colourful rhyolite mountains. We will hike through valleys abounding with hot springs and fumaroles, up through mountain passes and into an entirely different world south of Hofsjökull glacier.

8202382999_c1571a7ed5_b3In Thjórsárver Nature Reserve, the glacial water forks endlessly, spreading over a large area. The florain this fertile area is one of the largest nesting sites in the world for the pink-footed goose. The area is a hotspot for biodiversity. BirdLife International have recognized the Thjórsárver wetlands as an Important Bird Area, primarily because of its importance for the Pink-footed Goose but Thjórsárver wetlands support one of the largest breeding colonies of these birds in the world.

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